2 whatsapp in one phone use multiple whatsapp account 

2 whatsapp in one phone

2 whatsapp in one phone, ​Many often people wants to create two whatsapp account in one phone. Here we are going to share a easy and simple process through which you can run multiple whatsapp and manu other multiple app by a single click. I have personally tested this on my android phone. Multiple app in single phone is most searched term now a days.  So let’s start,how to use two whatsapp account in a same phone, read whole content from now to ensure success.2 whatsapp in one phone
There are two mobile app which are very popular in play store which allows users to use multiple account in a single phone.

PARALLEL SPACE (MULTI ACCOUNT)- don’t read the name of app and ran away. This mobile app doesn’t need any root to your phone and it also does not need any back up. I personally keep this app in #1 position. Run multi account of 1 app at same time and 1 tap switch customize app with theme. You cannot wait giving 5 star to this app because it deserves. in this application you can add unlimited multiple application.

Process of running parallel space on android


Now there is direct option to add multiple app.

GO MULTIPLE– Yes,  this app also provide access to use multiple account on a single phone. I will prefer the first option because of easy excess. It provide multiple accounts online simultaneously and fast switch. This process works without root or if it’s already rooted then also this app will work.

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