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Adsense approval Tips for taking AdSense approval

Adsense approvalIf you want AdSense approval, trust me you are in the right place. Just read some easy guide, and enjoy earning huge revenue through Google AdSense. Now a day’s bloggers get frustrated because of rejection of the AdSense account. Hope this time you are not going to face any difficulties to get AdSense approval. Bloggers first priority Google AdSense. Okay we must say AdSense approve only 3 sites out of 1000. Seriously it’s true.Adsense approval

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Easy, and effective ways to get AdSense approval

However you will have to make a professional look for your site. 

Adsense approval, First Follow some quick, and easy tips –

– No use of heavy background colors. 
– Suitable widget. 
– Light weight. 
– Fast loading. 
– Easy access. 

It was just a brief description. Accordingly, we will go ahead, and share all the tips to make your site AdSense approved very easily and simply.


Most easy, and useful tips to get AdSense approval –

No doubt, there are many sites to make free blog, but as a matter of fact getting AdSense approval from those free sites is quite difficult.

At the same time if you buy a domain, and hosting. All done. After getting domain and hosting from a good Registrar can make your site professional, and it can become a big step for getting AdSense approval.

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However the first, and foremost you need to write 20 + content with more than 300 words each. However as you know most of the time users get rejected due to insufficient content. Make sure to write sufficient content i.e. 800 to 2000 words.
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As we have mentioned it earlier. Professional look. Use white background for your site, neat and clean look, easy to access.

Suppose if a site has pink or red background with heavy loading i.e. slow loading, of course that cannot get approved, and users may not be comfortable to read. Use “ABOUT US“, “CONTACT US“, and must use your “OWN NAME “in place using ‘ADMIN

Using your own name will be easy for them to verify that it’s you.

Often time’s bloggers face disapproval due to age problem. Minor i.e. below 18 are not eligible for AdSense or earnings. However, if you have that potential to work then i would suggest using another name and documents. For example – Elder brother, elder sister or anyone whom you can trust, and he must be 18 + that is a major.

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Moreover, using lots of ads network is not a good idea. Google AdSense will be enough, and it can help you a lot to make huge revenue.

However, try to drive traffic on your blog. I would suggest driving 50 visitors per day on your blog for a month. It really works.

Afterwards, at any rate Use sitemap on your blog. it is one of  important factor to get AdSense approval.


We have already discussed how to add sitemap, where we have shared all about sitemap.

Furthermore, apply for “Google web Master Tool“, as a matter of fact Google crawlers may update your site automatically, but depending on automatic crawlers is not a good idea. This all tips are very useful, and any of the guides cannot be taken lightly.

Use “Google Webmaster tool” to update your site on search engine, and also use “Bing Webmaster tool” so that it will be easy for crawlers to update your site. If you use “Bing webmaster tool”, it will automatically update on YAHOO Also.

Moreover, register your site for Google Analytics. “Google Analytics“, it is the best way to track visitors coming on your site or blog.

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In the brief discussion we have tried to clear all to get AdSense approval. know as via comment, did you get approved. We are eagerly waiting for your comments.


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