biography of narendra modi, origin, education, interesting facts

  • biography of narendra modi

  • biography of narendra modi, The perception of true young Indian. The legend with crowd pulling attitude. Where the whole of nation shout him as ‘Man of developing India’, MODI. The world famous icon ‘NARENDRA DAMODAR DAS MODI ‘. Presently at the post of dukedom of India.
    He who became the prime minister of India with realistic usual.
    Let’s summaries his spring of life with ours illusion of adolescence.

Born in the lower middle class family of “DAMODAR MULCHANDRA MODI”, in September 17, 1950. Generally speaking, A true vegetarian thoughts of the feel in patriotism. Outset his traits of oration with caliber of attraction, and leadership. He joined his early youth in the shadow of serving the nation with ‘AKHIL BHARTIYA VIDYARTHI PARISHAD’.
The man used to serve the soldiers of railway station during the very tendered age in the time of second war between India and Pakistan. Along with he played the role of importance in erasing the corruption under the company ‘New ant. Corruption’.
Further taken the membership in ‘Bhatiya janta party’ in 1987 and led a small role in dry honest manner.
Also taken vital responsibility in the nourishment of ‘RASTRIYA SWAYAM SEWAK SANGH’, an independent group with it’s mission of uprising the sanatan.


In biography of narendra modi we will also share education qualification.

“Every successful story is written with the ink of struggles”.
Mr. Modi too suffered a lot due to the weaker background.
Definitely, as his education is concerned, he rises with M.SC degree of political science from gujrat wishwa vidyalaya in 1980, remaining the ambassador R.S.S in his area. With the deep hurdles in the family of 6 children to overcome his dreams in to reality. He often uses to serve the tea aiding his father in ‘RAILWAY STATION’
And his dilemma upgraded with his darer dreams from the village of ‘vadnagar’ to gujrat, and then the whole of India, very closer to manifest it’s vision of super power nation.


    God cares the rumors that his marriage was celebrated at the very early age of 18 with ‘JASODABEN’, they married in 1968 in there village ‘Vadnagar’, but after the very few days the young couples was separated and tagged a stranger for each other. She became a teacher at primary school. Not the ‘Modi’ was a poet to sing solitary reaper like his other age mate. His blood was warm to satisfy the nation enough, and thus he left everything for the superiority of nation with the soul commitment.As we had early discussed “BIOGRAPHY OF RAJAT SHARMA“, where we had shared all about the legend. Origin, education, personal space, interesting facts and achievements.

Critics may merge him the man who ditched to clear his selfishness, but Modi louded while speaking.
Together with, He or she could only rule in 100% sense if uncased himself with the cage of family. And now he is the love of nation, so no comments here # achievement speaks.


1.] Moreover, Modi wrote a book ‘Convenient Action’, submitted in Paris in 30th November 2015, this book is focused on climate and talks about natural disaster.
2.] Modi likes cleanliness from the very beginning. “swach barat avaiyan” is the clear evidence of it.
3.] Modi is also known for his well time schedule maintenance, he wakes up very early in the morning (Between 5:00Am – 5:30Am), no matter how late he works. He is quite stylish and maintains his outfit.
4.] Yes, Modi has a great craze of technology, he also knows the power of social networking sites. “Digital India” is the evidence of awareness, love and affection towards technology.


In addition, Elected as the candidate of vidhansabha election in Gujarat assembly. However, He was selected as the chief minister, and his leadership skills remains wholly reviewed the next two times there. Wholly recognized traits made him able to lead the election of lok sabha and win with the clear majority.

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