Business blog, Create professional blog, 5 minute solution

Business blog

Create professional blog, 7 top selected sites 5 minute solution.

Business blog, Blogging is not a new trend. Millions of website had been already registered from the AB-INITIO, i.e. from the very beginning. Users stuck in thousands of topics related to blogs. Today I am just going to clear one of the biggest problems i.e. the selection of sites for professional blogging. 

Very frankly, if you want to start blogging just to share your views, but not as a career or not as a purpose to a money then I personally suggest you to choose free blogging sites to create blog

Know more – Free sites to create free blog. 

Business blog, Definitely if you are going ahead, reading then I must say you have the guts to create a professional blog. Do not worry it’s not a big deal.

NOTEA professional blog is also very cheap and economical, you need to register a domain name and hosting from Registrar. Obviously, nothing more.

Just a domain, and hosting. Now if you are thinking – how can i purchase domain name, and hosting, or how much it will cost?

Keep Calm it’s really cheap, if you check out a trick reveled by us

Get Go daddy domain + hosting + c panel at rupees 1200/year. 

As we all know Go daddy is the best domain + hosting Registrar, and when you get Go daddy service at such a cheap price then what for you are waiting. However, that was just a very brief description for newbie who are really serious to start blogging as a career.

Moreover, today we will share the names, short description, advantage, and disadvantage of the sites which can create a professional blog. 

Online business is not easy stuff. Really continuous efforts, strong dedication, determination, and a will to make passion as profession will only give a chance to rank your site globally.

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We had already shared lot of useful information. As a matter of fact we already shared – SEO backlinks, on page SEO, off page SEO, online earning procedure, and limitless Tech knowledge. To get all in a systematic way, just click here.

Top 5 sites, create professional blog.

1.) WORDPRESS – placing the Legend at #1 position because it really deserve. We will get down sharing all the merits, features of WordPress.

Creating a blog, i mean professional blog is an awesome start.
Click here to start with free wordpress blog. 

Arguably, there are unlimited difference between free wordpress blog and the professional one. 


Free wordpress blog has limit, and admin cannot go beyond that limits.
for example – No use of plugin, no social sharing option, slow loading, blur images, and many more.

But as you switch to professional wordpress blog then unknowingly you will be entered into the limitless journey of blogging. Moreover, you will get amazing features to develop a very attractive, awesome and a decent look for your blog. 

Just now we had shared a name called plugin, which you can get in professional wordpress but not in the free version.

NOTE – Plugin is a feature which helps you to install Amazing tools on your blog. It is software which extends function blogging. You can add function as per your need, stability, and requirements. For example – If you want to add sharing option directly from your blog. However, it will help visitors to share your amazing content on social networking sites. It’s possible to add social buttons by the help of plugin. 

To know more click a difference between and

Ultimately, that was just an example of social plugin, but as a matter of fact there are thousands of plugin available in professional blog, which will surely provide ease of operation. 

In my opinion, better to spend a few bugs, and start with professional blogging. 

To check out the most popular latest, simple, lightweight, social media pluginclick here. 

WordPress is the most trustable site to create both free and professional blog. Mostly successful blogger select wordpress. Now, earning huge revenue, and sharing their views globally with WordPress. 

Take a cup of coffee keep patience because as i know, you are here to get all the information to start online business, and to share your thoughts, ideas, views, across the globe. Indirectly it will also fill your empty pocket, i.e. it will surely give you huge revenue. 

Generally speaking, many people start blogging to earn money and indirectly they learn lot of things. You, and I am also one of them.

In the same way today you might select one site to create blog. Obviously, you will need some images on your content.

Click Here, free images want free images for my blog even commercially. 

2.) BLOGGER – I may hope, you heard the name “BLOGGER”, if yes then congratulations, and if no then do not worry. I must say it’s a blogging platform with lots of exciting features to make your passion as a profession. Moreover making money on blogger is also easy stuff, just you need to write some original, quality, and useful content, and apply for Google AdSense. Here, some content means just more than 20 to 25 + content with 300 + words per content. All done. If you are crossing 300 words, then it’s far better. 

Business blog

To know more about AdSense approval process click here

As a matter of fact, BLOGGER provides statics which help to know total number of visitors coming on your blog. It also reveals comparison of data with previous days. However, to check statics in a decent, and with a smart technique, Google Analytics is the best tools, and we must share it’s completely free. 

Professionally to change theme i.e. the outlook of your blog, in fact there are unlimited awesome free themes to get a perfect, and suitable to you, that fits your need.

Beginners are also going to get a free domain but that would not as professional. Purchase your own custom domain. 

Click here to view how to select best domain name to get traffic from Google. 

Millions of satisfied user are already registered on blogger, and entered into the fabulous service. Moreover, you can also find mobile app on both Android Play Store and iPhones for easy functioning. 

3.) WIX – Site to create a stunning website or blog, a hub of tool at one place. Convenient and very easy to handle. Just amazing, such a large number of crowds are engaged because Wix deserves. 

Create website or blog for sharing views, E-Commerce, blogging, portfolio etc.

A secured site to trust, purchase custom domain and hosting to register for professional blogging with the help of WIX. It is trustable worldwide due to fabulous features, secured functioning, easy to access, and lot more.

I would suggest being one of those 90 million satisfied customer who are enjoying the unlimited service of blogging with wix. 

4.) WEEBLY – Obviously, free to create site, but as i Said you can get professional service by just purchasing custom domain, and hosting. 

I want to start with the free service of Weebly get more information. 

As a matter of fact to Weebly provides free as well as paid service, a decent look, professional blog, trustable, and easy to access. It would not take hardly 20 minutes to start a blog with Weebly. 

Easy Drag and drop function i.e., you can and drag photos, media, and files, title, content etc., and drop them as per your suitability area. It is a fabulous feature for beginners to start.

Start with old domain, or purchase a new custom domain from Registrar, along with the hosting. This may cost but it’s really a cheap. 

Domain ranking is much easier with few simple and easy tips. To know more check here. 

Impressing visitors with Weebly is not a big deal. A place where it’s very exciting to struggle for bread from hand to mouth. Generally speaking, you can also earn money. Just focus on writing attractive, original, content, and do not forget to use beautiful images.

Categories must be selected according to the need of user, i mean may be E-COMMERCE, PORTFOLIO, ENTERTAINMENT, NEWS etc. 

5.) TUMBLER – Tumbler, known as the easiest way to start. 


Due to its mobile application, it became easy to access, and something which can enhance your scope to a larger level. 

Business blog

To put it differently, it doesn’t give a polished experience, and that is the reason we had not placed it to #1 position. 

Without delay, obviously tumbler limits a bit ON Business blog. Frankly, if you are planning blogging for carrier, then this platform is not for you. 

Tumbler also host blog, but using hosting from a trustworthy site such as – Godaddy, Hostgater, blue host etc. Would be a better choice. 


Generally, know us via. Comment if we miss any of your favorite site. We will include it on our recent update.


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