cheap hosting and domain, most cheap at just rs 1200 for 1 year

cheap hosting

cheap hosting, ​Have you heard godaddy domain registrar? Off course yes. But you might thinking that how is it possible to get hosting and domain name at just rs-1200 for 1 year from the leading domain registrar i.e godaddy. Yes, it is possible. If you are an beginner or you are thinking to start a blog in WordPress, blogger, weebly or any other sites, then you will need hosting + domain name to make professional site and earn.

In this site we will share the manual process. This is not a trick, it’s just a welcome offer given by for 1 year which many users doesn’t know. You will get cheap hosting, domain name(free, c panel account(free.

Let’s start the process

☆ Here, we will share to apply for economy class. Where you will get access to use 1 website, unlimited bandwidth, 100 gb storage. All feature are awesome, if you want to make personal blog and  willing to make money out of it then economy class will be the great choice.Here, we will share to apply for economy class. Where you will get access to use 1 website, unlimited bandwidth, 100 gb storage. All feature are awesome, if you want to make personal blog and  willing to make money out of it then

– If you want to make business website or blog then i would suggest, don’t register for economy class, you can select for DELUXE  class which provide unlimited bandwidth, unlimited website and unlimited storage or you can also select ULTIMATE class which provide all deluxe plan features, premium DNS management tool and 1 year SSL certificate. But these are  very expensive as compared to economy plan.

☆ when you will click on then, you can find hosting plan is INR rs 199/month i.e INR rs 2400/year(Including tax.)

☆ To get hosting + domain name at INR rs 1200/year, search for “godaddy hosting plan” on google Or click ‘ .’Now the same economy class will be available at 50% off. Don’t wait, take the full advantage of godaddy welcome hosting


Godaddy is world’s most successful domain name registrar. 14 million satisfied customers. Manages 63 millions domain names. More than 5000 employees are working continously to satisfy  customers. Largest ICANN accredited registrar. Good registrar not only provide you hosting and domain, it helps to give users trust to visit your site, provide good ranking in search engine. Such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Godaddy provide safety from hackers attack or any other kind of illegal activities going on your site.


》 Short domain name is easy to remember. If your blog is about leptop or pc then you can prefer “” which is easy to remember. Short domain name is difficult to remember. and can divert your traffic {for e.g.- “”} 》 I advice not to select other than .com, .org or .net . First preference should be .com, many search engine first display .com extension. .com is a sign of growth in traffic, growth in blacklinks and a powerful start for your blog or site.

》 While applying , you must be prepared that the domain name you have thought can get rejected which results in selection of unexpected domain names hence, before you apply, think at least 5-7 names.

》 Keywords which has more monthly searches should be selected which will attract more visitors on your site or blog. Before applying must check the demand of that name in “keywords planner”.


☆ Sharing a 100 or 200 words of promotional content, and posting on every 3-4 days will not at all increase your traffic. You must design high quality pics with brief description written on that picture, just as shown below-

love sign ☆ You must keep in mind that followers on social media cannot be increased easily. But it’s not impossible. Try to make huge followers in every social media feild (for e.g.- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ etc.).

Share promotional content in every social media feild, don’t only depend on any one or two.

☆ searchfor superb influencer who will write excellent blog content for you. This will help you in two ways- you will get superb content for your blog, you can focus on core parts  such as- sharing, increasing followers etc.
Of course, you will have to pay those writers but indirectly it will help in growth of your blog.

•This post is based on cheap hosting and by extreme research. If you like our work then please share this post on social media to promote our work. Please comment below if you have any queries,we will feel good.

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