Top 3 sites to make free blog, easy, effective, useful sites

free blog, Top 3 sites to make free blog.

free blog, Today, here we are going to share the names of free blog making sites. in short, we will share the names of top quality free blog making sites which will not only help you to create a quality, and professional looking blog, but also it can help to give chance to share your views across the globe. 
Now a days people want something of their own. Moreover, make your own way to earn, Express, and finally live in the way you want. There are many successful bloggers who earn thousands of dollars by site or blog. Without delay, I must say from today onwards you are also able to start your own way to express, just you need to follow some simple guide.
Blog is such platform to earn a huge revenue in just by spending few hours per day. Of course you can work anywhere, anyplace, usually people engage in blogging in full time, and i.e. also known as professional blogging or part time, where you need to spend only few hours i.e. 2 to 4 hours/day.
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You are going through the free sites to create your own blog, but I must suggest. If you are willing to make blogging as career then do not stuck on free blog for a long period of time. Moreover, if we use free blogs then you do not need to write content again when you move to professional, there are easy, and very simple trick to move on your content,media, pages at one click.

I mean to say, there is an option to export all files to other platforms.


Top 3 sites to create free blog – 

1.) –

straight away mostly preferred site to create your own free blog. we will share all you need to know about wordpress. Moreover, it is the most easy, simple, significant, and a responsive way to create your own site in few minutes.
Equally important, there are lots of benefits as well as limitation to create a free blog. free blog
When you selected for a free wordpress blog it’s known as “” but professional blog are said as “self hosted” or “”.
We have done all for you, and just click below and know the difference between the both.
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WordPress had already created millions of blog. On the other hand wordpress include unlimited awesome feature which is also a reason to attract millions of users.
NOTE – wordpress is available in Google Play Store and also on iPhones Store. 

2.) Weebly –free blog

Weebly, great platform to create free blog for beginners or for starter with blogging. It is only the platform who provides easy drag, and drop options to add text, media etc.
Weebly application can also be found on cell phone. As said  it Includes, drag and drop function which help to drag following tools, text, images, and it also help to include “Internal links” on content.
To put it differently. Here you can create free professional looking sites, and also rank your site on search engine.
NOTE – In future if you want to move your site to other platform i.e. wordpress, blogger etc, then you can easily import all your documents on one click.
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As a matter of fact we are searching free sites to create free blog, but whenever you change your mind to create a professional blog, just you need a “DOMAIN NAME”, and a “HOSTING”.
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3.) Wix –

FREE BLOG, No need to learn coding when you have wix to create a free blog. Create a professional looking website without knowing anything about coding. As a matter of fact, the rapid increase in online business which increases competitors. create a professional looking blog, and wix can surely help you to give a great platform in the way of blogging.

Not only this, it also help to rank your site on search engine. Such as – Google, Yahoo, Bing. wix can be suitable for all kind of purpose such as – A small business, content writer, people who want to create a professional looking site, and starter who are willing to set up their own online business.
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