How to Find Long Tail Keywords for SEO

How to Find Long Tail Keywords for SEO

How to Find Long Tail Keywords for SEO, However, The most effective method to Find Long Tail Keywords for SEO. Quick free and simple. Rapidly increment your site’s activity by utilizing the privilege long tail watchwords for your site. Locate the ideal long tail Keywords for SEO and YOUR Website. As a matter of fact, Your site likely as of now has bunches of supportive substance and awesome quality Backlinks.How to find lond tail keyword

Be that as it may, you’re not getting the activity you merit. Exploit long tail watchwords today! Continue perusing well ordered how to discover long tail watchwords for SEO. (site improvement) or what I get a kick out of the chance to likewise call (look encounter streamlining – awesome article through Forbes)

In this post, you’ll learn:

· What a long tail keyword is

· How to create long tail keywords

· To choose long tail keywords

· How to find long tail keywords for seo free

· Long tail keywords examples

· Where to place the long tail keywords on your site


How to create long tail keywords

– the EASY quick way how to find the PERFECT long-tailkeywords for YOUR WEBSITE!, How to Find Long Tail Keywords for SEO

Here’s the means by which to pick long tail catchphrases for your site. Suppose you have a nearby business that offers portable PC repair in New Delhi. On your site, don’t simply make a “tablet repair page” Make more particular pages utilizing the long tail catchphrase strategy. Disregard utilizing the Google catchphrase organizer… search for natural long-tail watchwords in Google seek yourself. This is extraordinary for both neighborhood long-tail catchphrase inquire about as well.


Go to and sort in the essential/general catchphrase your potential clients would sort for instance: portable PC repair New Delhi

Look to the base of the page and take a gander at the related pursuit terms. These are long-tail watchwords! For instance: tablet screen repair New Delhi

Step by step instructions to Find Long Tail Keywords for SEO. Pick one of these long tail watchwords and provide food your substance around that! Yes!OK, Now Where Do I place these Long Tail Keywords?!

Now that you know How to Find Long Tail Keywords for SEO, it’s time to place them throughout the code and content. You can also use a free SEO plug-in such as Yoast SEO. The plug-in will actually guide you where to place the long tail keyword. If you don’t want to use the plug-in, the general instructions are below.

You’re going to want to incorporate this long tail keyword in specific places of your website to see it go into effect. Copy/paste it into the following:

Select 1 main long tail keyword such as “Acer Laptop Repair New Delhi” and make this the Title of

your page/blog post.

the URL of the page:

In the Meta description

· The <H1> tag of your content

· The image ALT tags

· The name of the images

· Moreover, First sentence of the blog post

· Naturally occurring a few times in the copy with related text around it

· In short, Links from other websites or internal pages: Acer Laptop Repair New Delhi

Is there still too much competition for this long tail keyword? It can happen… try modifying the long tail keyword. For example: “Acer laptop screen repair New Delhi”,This is a perfect example of a long-tail keyword that is extremely catered to the user. This is guaranteed to have little traffic/competition.


AS,Best of all you will more likely get an increase of website traffic. You might already be getting long tail search traffic to your website – now optimize it and rank on the first page


You might already receive small doses of long tail search traffic but you’re not optimizing it enough. You should also experient. Perhaps you’re ranking on the third or fifth page of Google for a long tail search. Perhaps you have a blog post titled “Benefits of Responsive Web Design” However, it’s ranking on the fifth page of Google search. If you check your search traffic, you can see all the keywords people used to find your site. See them for free using the free plug-in JetPack by WordPress. Or of course by using Google analytics.


Let’s make the long tail keyword even LONGER

however, You may notice you’re ranking better for “Advantages of Responsive Web Design” Moreover, Try changing your title to something more specific such as “Business Advantages of Responsive Web Design“. Optimize your blog post more about the business benefits and now you’re ranking #1! You’re welcome.

Modify Low Ranking Blog Posts with Targeted Long Tail Keywords! You can generate tons of high quality content focused on long tail keywords. You can also modify your old general blog posts into more razor sharp focused content. Finally, This content will more likely receive more traffic and rank higher for a targeted phrase. You probably already have a page “Laptop Repair New Delhi” Now you can link all this content together.

Finally, Now when someone does land on the “Acer laptop screen repair New Delhi. Moreover, You can have breadcrumbs or links to your “Acer Laptop Repair New Delhi” This will help both pages rank higher in Google. Moreover, Best of all it will also help your basic keyword “Laptop repair New Delhi”

Moreover, Once you have a high ranking blog post, you can place internal links to some of you hard to rank pages. “Related content” Hopefully after reading these examples, you will now know how to create long tail keywords and put them into good use – gaining traffic.

In conclusion, Thanks for reading How to Find Long Tail Keywords for SEO. The Fastest and easiest way how to increase your website’s traffic.

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