keyword research, how to select best keyword 2017

keyword research

  • So,you are here to know, how to do best keyword research, so that your website can rapidly increase. You will get a complete guide to select keyword which can attract more & more visitors to your site.keyword research
  • Beginners,if you are here to get complete guide then keep in mind that you cannot just keep any title without keyword research on your content,indirectly it decreases visitors even if your content is superb.
  • Now a days website and bloggers have huge competitors so keeping in this mind we have to become tricky so that traffic comes to your site and we can earn more and, do best keyword research.
  • keyword research is the most important and valuable factor. So,lets start. Read all steps carefully.
  1. Open google keyword planner on google, bing ,or yahoo. Which is free ad word tool.
  2. Sign in,with your gmail account and give password to continue.
  3. click on ‘search for new keyword’
  4.  You are almost done just provide the topic you want to search. After that click on get idea or continue. Keyword example- how to make money online,what is SEO.
  • You can now find full information and find the best keyword for your content, but to select you have to select those keyword which shows following :-




  • If you follow these factors then you even can’t believe the positive impact, your visitors can increase by 60-80%. If you want more and more visitors then you must select those keyword which has huge monthly searches but here your earning will be some how less, but if you want more and more revenue then you must select those keyword which has more suggested bid but, here visitors will be less so,select keyword according to your convenience.


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