Nawazuddin siddiqui biography, journey, love, struggle

Nawazuddin siddiqui biography

▪Nawazuddin siddiqui biography, A Journey of dark into the wisdom of light. In the train of general compartment, who Rises to be of special class.

▪ This deserver is nobody but the saka of Bollywood, who planned a great success in 113 years of Bollywood – “Nawazuddin Siddiqui”

▪ He is the among those creative embroidery who plotted his own story with the aimlutious usual’s, a large sacrifice and patience

▪ Let’s summaries this story in Association with our blog secretsexpert.comNawazuddin siddiqui biography

☆ Origin

▪ The outsetment of his struggle was hooked in village which is just 40 kilometre away from the red –  light village – Muzaffarpur Nagar (U.P)

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▪ Nawazuddin Siddiqui was born in the family of farmers belonging to a very low class society.

▪ His father remembered there memorandum and says – “we hardly had any money to see a movie, after the long six month savings we used to visit the cinema hall, and enjoy with the family.

▪ For the low sectional people like us cinema is just a dream to wish and who among us would care to get a special place in that platform.

▪ But it’s well said – “where there is will, there is a way”, and this hidden dream is a true perception for this phrase.

▪ A dish of a realistic artist who is going to give a special movement of commercial cinema.

▪ It is all about ‘Nawazuddin Siddiqui’, and his night crawling with positive but care free imagination.

☆ Feel of art

▪ We concluded from his childish event that from very early Nawazuddin get a kick start of being the part in Bollywood.

▪ For a village people, “a dark coloured person having the nightmare to attend the destination in Hindi cinema was the satirical issue.

▪ Very badly” Nawaz” was humiliated, and insulted by his friend for having the dream of impossibilities.

▪ “Nawaz” was alone in his world that has no doubt to his caliber. This was the crush he never wants to move on, who cares to kiss the reality, but each day he survived, and increases his efficiency of acting without getting doomed with the Well-wishers unwell critic. However, Nawaz wisdom was promoted to the commitment with one of the very interesting story pinked in his life.

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☆ Nawazuddin siddiqui biography, The beautiful mistake.

▪ While an interview with India Today, Nawaz shared that during his early adulthood. He starts loving a distraction His neighbor, friend of friend. The damsel who used to be a very attractive site for her. And one day being daring he proposed that girl, but failed to convince.

  • In reply – she asked him – “why you love me??
  • Nawaz defined his heart – “Because you are the attractive stuff”
  • She said – “why I should love you”??
  • Nawaz -“because I am the future Hero.”(Mai hero banunga.)

▪ with his usual Desire Nawazuddin never predicted that he will receive heartbreaking statement to his status.

  • In reply she said -” Do your mirror too speaks lie.

▪ The girl making her fun walked on, but the great man Nawaz can’t move on. Last heart breaking slings to his vision, and his heart failure was better to overwhelm the art in his sight, and get the acting too interesting to handle. He left his Joel of watch, and follows the path of a committed soul with acting and only acting.

☆ Fall fall fall, and at once Rises.

▪ In order to fetch and the perfection in his skill. Nawazuddin Siddiqui manage to get the admission in the “National school of drama”, but that experiences and degree cannot stop his struggle. Instead of that Nawaz managed his livelihood playing theaters and other nukkads.

▪ Finally, he decided to enter in to true justification of his skill.

▪ Due to Extreme short height and unattractive appearance Nawazuddin hardly managed to get the role of a beggar, and pickpocketer even in daily shop also.

▪ His minute art could be noticed in Aamir Khan “Sarfarosh” or Sanjay Dutt “Lage Raho Munna Bhai”

▪ Instead of that Nawaz stayed in Mumbai with an hope – ’one day he will get greater role, and true place in Bollywood.”

▪ sometimes during depression when there was the hurdles of hand to mouth. He think to return back his village, but he clicked letter coz -‘ what will he say to villagers, that you were right. I am not actually actor type or something.
• No he can’t.


▪ At last the hope was gaslended with a good break in “New York” – kalus Khan’s movie.

▪ After that he started feeling his importance, and manages to get the better start with “Taalash”, where his acting was noticed and thus it made him signed to a true epical movie – “Gangs of wassepur”, and “Gangs of wassepur 2.”

▪ The role of faisal khan get his the dukedom {king} of the best actor in national awards.

▪ After putting such the acknowledged efforts in the contemporary movie also” The Lunchbox” which let him to be crowned as the best supporting artist for Filmfare Award.

○ Must Read

▪ Nawaz started putting great impact in commercial movie that iconic laughs in the Salman’s movie “Kick”, and The wow performance of chand Nawak in “Bajrangi bhaijaan” made Nawaz to be actor of masses.

▪ This year too his role of Mazumdar Sahib in “Raees” prepare the proportional respect with “King Khan”, this risen his rising story.

☆ Conclusion Nawazuddin siddiqui biography

▪ “I never dream to be a star, but with each I dare to act typical.”  This is the sentence of the achiever which speaks his complete conclusion. Now being down to earth, a person can kiss each star of success.


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