personality development 10 best ways to have a cool personality

personality development

 personality development, plays a vital role in the life of every person. It speaks about the overall behaviour and attitude of the person. You might have noticed that there are people who can make lot of friends easily and at same place there are also people whom with no one talks or have very few friends. It’s all about personality which can attract lot of people.

Many often we listen from friends, parents or teacher talking about someone’s charming personality development, yes sometime we feel jealous that why don’t we have such personality. Few years back personality development was not given much importance, but now without personality you are nothing. Hence, here are 10 best and simple ways which can boost up your personality.

Increase your confidence

you might be thinking that it’s hard to be confident, but it’s only your mind set which is giving you trouble. Confidence cannot be gained over night. Give your continuous effort, observe others and implement the positive attitude, you will find the change. Always try to dress up well, be calm, wash out negativity and open up positiveness in you. People who speaks slowly and clearly feels more self confident and people accept his/her confidence level. personality developmentThe way you will think of yourself, other will know you just like that. A simple smiling face can change your day. People who put a happy face can make others smiling and makes you feel more confident. Mostly you are abused because you are not perfect at the field where others are always choose and do something which you love to do not follow everything which you see around you.

 Be a good listener

A good listener not always listens, you must comment on the same subject when the speaker pauses. You should not start arguing with the speaker, it may distract you with the topic and may impact your personality development. While listening you must be active and keep eye contact which will feel the speaker that you are interested in the conversation. While talking don’t take it too long. Good posture is also important factor while listening. Leaning forward and talking is not the way. Listener should go deeply to the conversation so that speaker mind can be known.personality development,  Be a good listener

Put your efforts to meet new people-

there are many option to meet new people. All situations are not perfect. Be confident, calm, peace and talk to stranger or new people slowly and kindly. While conversation you must observe his talking style, physical posture, observe his comfort zone. Don’t be over exited because it can lose your presence of mind. Put your efforts to meet new people- there are many option to meet new people. All situations are not perfect. Be confident, calm, peace and talk to stranger or new people slowly and kindly. While conversation you must observe his talking style, physical posture, observe his Keep a cute smile when you meet new peoples. After you observe that now you can feel the change on yourself then try to join group talk, which can help you to understand type of person. Observing own family member can also be helpful to you. There are many social sites for chatting or conversation. Don’t afraid to keep your point in crowded place because it helps to increase self confidence.

 Bring positivity on your outlook-

positivity has two roots. One outside and another is internal positivity. You need to focus on positive things such as read books, play games, meditation, wake up early and many other activities you love to do. Yes, positivity can change your world to different level. Negative people will never allow you to grow, stay away from them. History shows all great people have great personality. APJ abdul kalam says- “failure will never overtake me if my definition to succeed is strong enough”.


smile makes the day perfect. Do not take it other way that you should always smile or laugh but, feel good, be active, talk politely and forget rude behaviour. People will feel thankful taking to you. Try to remember your past which can make you feel happy, never keep yourself alone, be social, talk to everyone such as neighbour, friends, family. No matter how busy you are, take appropriate rest, sleep timely and wake up early cannot divert you towards tiredness.

Learn every time-

always practice learning. Our surrounding is based on full of knowledge but the matter is to grab them. Stressful situation can also make us learn many times. Always be ready to tackle problems, keep calm, peace. Reading books, listening music, playing games and working, all can make us learn every time. In today’s world we can see lot of competition in every field.

These basics tips can make your personality coo, dynamic and you will understand people better than before.

 Respect others

improving relationship with all people you meet is very important for awesome personality development. Go forward; bring all respect and gratitude towards others because, the way you will behave with other, he/she will be also being same with you. Ignoring other does can take your relation differently; people can lose faith, humanity, believe on you and can also end up the relationship. Allow people to keep his/her point, even poor, children should also give respect. These are the basics tips which can make you worth remembering in others image.

 Share your views and opinion to others-

you are equally important as others are, so whenever required you must share your views. Moreover, You should not directly prove others wrong because it feels like over smartness which is not the solution. You must tell according to my opinion, from my point of view.

Improve way of conversation

work on the way you talk, all great personalities talks their ways. Here we will share some of the secrets which may help your conversation skill. We can see sales man, business leaders have a great power on communication, and they have power of communication to influence others. Watch yourself, the way you speak. Do you think there is a need of little bit change? If yes then the first advice is to notice yourself, your sitting style standing posture, talking style. Slow down your voice and speak clearly. Cut line, talk less, don’t talk frequently and unnecessarily, you will feel more confident. Be away from all the distraction (e.g.-your phone, massages etc). It will feel your partner more easy and comfortable.

Be yourself-

being you has a great mystery. You always hear this word “be yourself”, it doesn’t mean that you stop all your followers or be like as you are. But “be yourself” means do not leave your own nature, be as real as you are just the thing is to implement some of the missing factor that is needed to be a dynamic person. Forget fear, inbuilt self confidence, be social, be real like a little child, who is pure from inner core and lives in the present moment. personality development.

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