seo, 2017 tips to make site on first page of google

seo, tips to make site on first page

seo, tips to make site on first page, Getting ranked on Google or any other search engine, you need to follow few tips to get a good ranking on search engine. Straight away, before few years it was very easy to get a good position on search engine, but now users have to use techniques for getting ranked. Due to huge competition you need to follow all the points which we will share now. Don’t take any of the suggestion lightly.seo

ok let’s know, what is SEO Search Engine Optimization?

Generally speaking, getting traffic from any search engine. Such as – Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. In brief, if your site is optimized by search engine then you can get automatic traffic from SEO. That’s what seo is. 

Most useful factors to get a position on search engine. 

Generating backlinks, its the most important factor to generating quality backlinks. However, when your links is found on other sites or linking one site to another is known as backlinks. More in number of quality backlinks will help to rank your site. There are two types of backlinks i.e. Do follow, and No follow. Approx. 70% should be Do Follow, and approx 30% of the backlinks should be No follow. To know more or for generating free backlinks.

TOP 10 sites to generate free backlinks. 

Social sharing option, there are many plugins for including social sharing option on your site. Provide easy sharing on social networking sites such as – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. To learn more.

Useful social sharing plugin for wordpress users.

ALT Attribute on images, while adding any images, users find ‘edit option’ click it. Use focus keyword on alt attribute with the description of that image.

Use of Meta description, don’t forget to use meta description. Do not exceed 166 character or 20 to 24 words that help to make your content SEO friendly. In addition, if you are a WordPress user, then try Yoast seo for making your content SEO friendly and get better ranking.

Learn everything useful and effective about yoast seo.

Keyword research, use ‘keyword planner’, before selecting any title. It will surely help you to rank your site or Blog better. To know more click here ‘keyword research’ 

Equally important, if you have not selected your own domain name till now. I suggest to use “keyword planner” to select domain and Boost Your ranking. In short, this step cannot be taken lightly. After all, domain name is the base of the site. 

Then conclusion, write original content. visitors will like your blog post only if you provide useful information.

Generally speaking, don’t even think of copying content. Crawlers are very powerful and can easily identify such things. However, they will stop AdSense if any user is copying content.

Top 8 ways to earn huge money.

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