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website traffic

☆ website traffic, You own a blog or any website. Obviously “website traffic”  is the most important factor. You will get many easy and useful strategies, which will attract traffic and you can get better rank on search engine. Beginners may know, promoting blog is the part of Search Engine Optimization [SEO]. I guess, you already have spent a lot of time, but result is not up to the mark.
☆ There can be many reasons due to which blogger couldn’t succeed {Such as – lack of time, unknown technique to promote, and many more unlimited situations}. In this content we will reveal all the ways through which you can get high visitor on your site, and it can help you in ranking your site. You must keep checking Google Analytics for knowing the source of incoming traffic. Keep focused on the source through which visitors land on your blog.
☆ Before knowing the useful techniques for promoting blog, you must read one more factor which can also help you in better ranking. Go ahead.☆ In [SEO] Search Engine Optimization, backlinks are the most important factor, and once you get a ranked on the first page of search engine then it’s quite easy to drive a high traffic on your blog. we will clear meaning of backlinks, Process to generate backlinks, and many other necessary information briefly. You just need to hit the link below.
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☆ useful ways to attract website traffic.

1.} Promoting on social networking sites –

We know Every bloggers eyes are stuck on Analytics to check website traffic. Constantly checking total page views will just decrease your motivation. If you really want huge crowd on your blog, share each and every post on social networking sites. Constantly repeating same 100 word promotion content will attract very less uses. You must create quality images while sharing. You can create your own Facebook fan page, where users can get latest updates. Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter can also help you to drive traffic. Google+ has community with certain lakhs of member; you can post your website link and generate huge traffic.wordpress social

Instagram does not provide referral link i.e. your link will not redirect users on your site, hence I suggest to use Twitter. Don’t depend on any single social Site, Explore as much as you can [such as – buzzfeed community, Snapchat, Instagram, quora answer, and WhatsApp group, tumblr etc.

2.] Guest Posting –

when you publish any content on others website for indirectly promoting own blog. As you write original content for your own blog, similarly in guest posting you need to write original, unique, and quality content. You need to post your content on renowned guest posting site. It can increase awareness among new visitors about your own blog. Guest PostingReputed website won’t accept poor quality content. Here we will share the names of site which accept guests posting.
• lifehack
• Bloggodown
• Copyblogger

3.] Regular updates –

Moreover you must write 2 to 3 content per week. As Content which cross 2000 words can get more advantage. Crawlers rank these sites first. Extend your content so that search engine will rank you on the first page. Conditions says, post must be original, quality post, and unique. Be regular, share on social platform, and write beneficial content. However People engage or subscribe those blogs which update regularly, make your block one of them. I would suggest, if you are really very serious about blogging, Post One Original content per day.

4.] Add share widget –

However share button on your blog can help you to grow traffic. You write amazing content, when people will read your post, they will surely share. It will engage more and more people. You just need to add this widget. It can become incredible way. You did not need to pay for traffic

There are many plugin available for this purpose. This plugin has all social sharing buttons. You can add them as per your need. There are unlimited plugin available on wordpress, but you need to select those plugin which has millions of download, easy access, and high version. Here we have done all for you. Yes, we have selected and share the names of best plugin on wordpress.
• Monarch.
• Sumo me share.
• Easy social share buttons for WordPress.
• Wp social sharing.
• Custom share buttons.


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5.] Get ideas on keyword research

Blogging competitors are increasing rapidly, so if you are thinking to get huge visitors just by writing content, it’s nearly impossible. If you use, ‘Keywords research‘, where you can find average monthly searches, competition, and suggested bid of any keywords. As Many users’ select high monthly searches and some successful bloggers also select high suggested bid. Let’s make it more clear. I have done all for you. Just click below to understand ‘keywords research’ easily.
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