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wordpress social media plugin

wordpress social media plugin, To increase traffic easily, and effectively, you need to activate social sharing plugin. Social sharing option provide direct sharing to your content on Facebook, twitter, instagram, Whatsapp, pinterest, and many other social field. This will instantly increase traffic, whenever any visitor share your beautiful, creative, and quality content. This is also very useful on SEO. If you are a beginner on wordpress blog, and till now you are not rank on search engine then, it can also help in ranking your blog. In the previous Content we cleared some more tools to promote your blog, and rank your site on first page of search engine.wordpress social media plugin

There are lots of social buttons but, we will recommend adding only those buttons which are popular, easy to use, and useful. Visitors can directly like your fan page through your blog. You can monitor your share, add subscribe button, follow button and you can also share your content where ever you want. Isn’t it awesome? Yes, it is.

In wordpress social media plugin You can also find many premium plugin which allows admin to perform unlimited customization, but, in this post we are going to share only free social plugins. You need to spend money for using premium plugin.

If you search for social sharing plugin, you will find a limit less list. Picking from that list will not be easy; hence we have selected 10 popular wordpress social media plugin for you. Go ahead.


1.) Floating Social bar

One more necessary wordpress social media plugin You can get simple and attractive social sharing buttons on screen. As readers goes on reading, this plugin has awesome floating system to display sharing buttons. You can easily drag those sharing buttons which you want to display. You can find many plugin which disturb or slow down pages, this plugin is the best free social sharing tool. This plugin will not disturb users when they are reading your beautiful content. At the time when they stop scrolling, it appears. Due to its slimness and fast functioning people love this tool.

2.) Share This

Share this is another social sharing tool for your blog. This tool comes with excellent features, easy to access, and increases traffic. You must consider few things before selecting any plugin i.e. Active install, version, last update, and rating. Share this has 100000 + Activated install, and good compatibility for fast functioning. For using this brilliant plugin you need to install and activate. Select sharing buttons and enjoy the latest version of ‘share this’.wordpress social media plugin social sharing


it is one more wordpress social media plugin. Due to some issues earlier this plugin was not much amazing or up to the mark but after resolving those issues DIGG DIGG became most powerful, and lightweight. Your site will never slow down due to this plugin, it’s easy to optimize. This plugin comes with floating tool which help visitors to directly share your awesome content. Due to easy loading, and better ranking, this plugin has 100000+ installations. This plugin can be activated only on self-hosted wordpress blog, we have written a simple content for you. Difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org

4.) Jetpack

This plugin is the most lovable among wordpress users. As this plugin have many useful features such as – Increase traffic, view statics, and safety from hackers attack. This plugin somehow slow down the speed of page. Not too much. Due to versatile features, easy to use, it has more than millions of active downloads, and timely latest updates. Users have positive reviews for this plugin. You can easily understand the process of setup, activate it. This plugin is SEO friendly. Okay, lots of users are sharing their positive reviews. You also try this plugin, and share your views.

5.) Monarch

Well advanced wordpress social media plugin, design to attract users. Users find it easy to use and monarch help to increase your blog beautification. Monarch has collection of more than 20 social sharing plugin, select and add buttons. This plugin include effective floating slide bar. There is flexibility of adding this social sharing buttons, where ever you want on the page. Even it counts your total shares, which encourage other users to hit those buttons. Do you want to get direct follow buttons on your blog? Select follow up buttons on social networking sites such as – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, pinterest, Whatsapp etc. Luckily social icons are well designed and slim, use attractive colors. Monarch have already provided its awesome service to 300000 + satisfied customers. Configuring settings are easy to access. It never slows down your content page.

6.) WP Social Share

However, This plugin has already 20000 + satisfied customer, compatible up to 4.6.3, and good rating from users. Read benefits of WP social share plugin, and be one of those satisfied customers. You can easily activate this plugin on self-Hosted wordpress. You can get option to use CSS/JS, which is included as per the need of users. This shortcut social sharing can raise the standard of simplicity, lightweight. We had already discussed lot of merits which also include awesome customization, better speed, slim, attractive, stylish, and many other unlimited advantages.

7.) Social media widget

A plugin with 100000 + active install, and positive reviews. It supports more than 50 social sharing buttons, which is also the great opportunity for users to activate this plugin. In addition, You can set right or left. In addition, Increase appearance of your blog with fabulous features, flawless speed, attractive widgets, simple customization, secured, and trustable plugin.A plugin with 100000 + active install, and positive reviews. It supports more than 50 social sharing buttons, which is also the great opportunity for users to activate this plugin. In addition, You can set right or left. In addition, Increase appearance of your blog with fabulous features, flawless speed, attractive widgets, simple customization, secured

8.) Share a Holic

However, we are sharing one more tool which can become very useful for sharing your content socially. Share a holic provides social analytics to make you informed about total shares on each buttons. Grow your blog easily and quickly, add follow buttons for giving your regular updates. However, This plugin is available in 15 + known language, and experienced customer care service. Share a holic also enhance engagement by providing floating buttons service. Due to their awesome service, and features it has to 1 lakh+ active install. No matter how much visitors daily visit your blog. It may be hundred, thousands, or millions, it always provide fast functioning.

9.) Social media feather

A lightweight plugin with 100000 + active install, people love this social sharing plugin due to high icon display, simplicity, widely spread, easy setup of settings, short codes, and a good version. Till now it has a competitive rating on market, due to continuous support millions of users like this plugin. Widgets offer creation of attractive and eye catching social sharing buttons. As we know that there are many ways to attract users, but we have already discussed other 5 useful and effective ways to get unlimited traffic which is going viral.

10.) Social welfare

Moreover, A beautiful plugin to engage your content on social sites. Compared to other plugin it provide Limited buttons, and currently it has 10000 + active and satisfied customers. Access to this plugin is quite easy. Free version has Limited feature to make it limitless go for premium. You are protected from hackers attack. This plugin supports PHP language.

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