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yoast seo, How to use yoast SEO?, what is yoast SEO?, important features, target, SEO, ranking, Today we will share all about Yoast SEO. However, it is a plugin supportable on self-hosted wordpress site. Free wordpress users cannot use this feature. Obviously, a plugin which can help to cover your 80 to 90% of on page works for Search Engine Optimization. Rest is covered on off page i.e. from generating backlinks or promotion.

Here, we have already discussed 8 sites to generate huge backlinks in few minutes.

Moreover, here we will clear all about this wordpress plugin – Yoast SEO. I recommend you to keep patience, and go ahead. All the factors are 100 % important. Hence, don’t just scroll down or take it lightly.

Premium feature of Yoast SEO has unlimited benefit. But today we will only discuss the benefits of free version of Yoast SEO.

So let’s start. As we know, this tool helps to make your content SEO optimized or friendly. However, users just need to follow on the guide.

For Making a content SEO friendly this plugins focus on two things i.e. keyword and readability. Let’s know both briefly.Yoast seo

A.) Keyword –

In brief, keyword refers to the title, Meta description, length of Meta description, focus keyword etc. I personally recommend using a toolkeyword planner”, before setting title. Overall, keyword research helps a lot. To know more, click here “keyword research”

B.) Readability –

It helps to make your content SEO friendly. Yoast SEO is one of the most important and powerful plugin. In the final analysis, Yoast SEO focuses on content, and guide to make your content SEO friendly.

We will discuss about both the tool i.e. keyword, and readability. We will come on Readability in a few minutes. First let’s understand keyword. 

Important factors on ‘keyword’

There are few factors which every wordpress uses or beginners must know to make keyword SEO friendly. However, Yoast SEO shows three indication i.e. 1} BAD 2.} GOOD 3.} OK. Obviously, “GOOD” is the best sign, and it comes with green light. To make it “GOOD” you need to follow few steps –

Focus keyword, Set focus keyword. Select keyword with the help of “Keyword planner”.

Keyword destiny. It means how many times your focus keyword is found on your content. 0.4 % is required i.e. approx 4 – 5 times in per content. Moreover, if you are also thinking to get quality images for your blog without spending money.


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Meta description. It means when you find any content you may find a brief description written below. If that’s attractive, then visitors will definitely hit your content. However, Focus keyword on meta description must be written. It would become more SEO friendly if focus keyword is written. Do not exceed 166 characters.

As can be seen, wordpress users may find “STOP WORDS” on Focus keyword or URL. Remove them. Stop Words are filtered or removed by search engine. In addition, it would be better to remove them.yoast seo

ALT attribute on image. Obviously, while adding images users find ‘EDIT OPTION’. You can also find the alt attribute option. Finally, feel about the image, that what is shown on that image. To make it SEO friendly use your focus keyword on alt attributes

Focus keyword on H1 H2 and H3. WordPress users may find heading option. Put the focus keyword on heading, and subheading of H1 H2 and H3 i.e.heading1 heading2, and heading3.

As a matter of fact, don’t exceed 300 words on any sub headings. Make sure; use less than 300 words on each heading. If it exceeds then use another heading.

Use focus keyword on URL. URL is also known as permalink. Definitely, you can edit permalink. USE focus keyword on URL. Also this helps search engine to rank your site first and better.

In the final analysis, don’t use one focus keyword on more than one content. In addition it makes difficult for search engine to guess, what to show.

We have already shared all necessary points on “keyword”

After all, surely this can make your keywords SEO friendly, and help to rank your site for long run.

Without delay, now we will share the tips for making your “content” SEO friendly. This is also known as “readability”.

Important factors on ‘READABILITY’

For writing any SEO friendly content you need to follow few steps. Don’t think it’s out of your knowledge. Keep calm, and go ahead. All the points are very useful, and simple.

Straight away, do you know transition word? Of course. But if not then it’s all right. We will clear it. However, minimum 30% of the sentence should be transition word. Example of transition words – as a matter of fact, in addition, however, moreover, in short, in brief, finally, until now, whenever, meanwhile. To know more click “Transition Words”

According to Yoast seo. Don’t make too long paragraph. Users are visiting site to get Useful information, and not to waste their time.

In conclusion, to make your content SEO friendly do not make paragraph too long for more than 300 words.

Moreover, try to make sentence contain less than 20 words only 25% of your content can be more than 20 words but not more than that.

Finally, Focus word on SEO title. While using SEO title, make sure to use your focus keyword on SEO title.


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